Brilliant Mobile

Transform your business into an automated money-making machine!

Grow your List from Live Events from Social Media for Restaurants for Retail Stores for Coaches for Public Speakers for Conferences for Pastors and Churches for Authors

✓ OWN YOUR ASSETS: If social media or your website goes down, instantly reach your customers.

✓ BRILLIANT AUTOMATION: Capture data instantly & reply with trackable call-to-action links.

✓ MORE SALES: Engage with customers to learn & earn.

✓ BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE: Save time and answer questions instantly by text.

✓ CONTROL YOUR BUSINESS: You own your list and the messaging.

Grow Your Database By Text Message

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Create a Keyword​

Your Keyword is the word your audience will text to start campaign. Each keyword is assigned to a number. Brilliant Mobile Messaging currently supports numbers in the US & Canada.

We have the short code numbers 71441 and 40691 that your audience can text. This "short code" number is easier to type and remember than a 10-digit number, but we can also activate your landline number that can receive calls OR text messages, which is great for customer service!

Step 2

Build a Message Campaign

What type of information do you want to collect from your audience? Email address, first/full name, email address, birthday, whatever you want. Fully customize each message to match the personality of your organization. Take the experience to the next level with personalized messages. Engage with your customers with Two-Way Texts, Photos, Audio/Video Clips, Polls, Questionnaires and Text2WIN campaigns!

Step 3

Audience Sends a Text

Once things are set up, your audience can begin texting your keyword or scanning a code on your slides or social posts. Instantly their data will be captured in your database and they will receive the first message of your campaign.

Then all they need to do is follow the prompts within your messages. Their answers will be captured by BrilliantMobile. It's super simple and totally brilliant!

Need a Customer Service Solution?

Are you open? Do you deliver? When is this event? Do you have this product or service? People like fast and convenient answers! 
Wouldn’t it be convenient for your customers to be able to TEXT OR CALL your same business number? We can activate YOUR Landline or TOLL-FREE number and you can respond to customer inquires with or without having to pick up the phone!

Features At A Glance

All of the tools you need to grow your email list with texts & send broadcast SMS messages

Quickly Grow Your Email List

Automatically add email addresses to marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Constant Contact or Keap. (link to integrations page)

94% Instant Open Rate

Instantly reach your audience by sending text broadcast messages to your list.

Loyalty Program

Like a virtual punch card, encourage repeat visits or purchases with an obtainable reward!

Birthday Wishes

Instantly reach your audience by sending a text broadcast messages to your list.

Send Mobile Coupons or MMS Image Texts

Go beyond simple SMS text messages by sending image texts for a bigger impact and mobile coupons that never get left behind.

Text to Vote or Reply to a Poll or Questionnaire

Get instant responses to questions from your audience!

Deliver what you promise

Without lifting a finger, automatically send your slides, free report, or calendar link to your audience. Simplify your life, transform your business.

Lightning Quick Setup

Obtain a keyword and create your message campaign in minutes, not days.

Automated Drip Campaigns

Send timed texts to your audience to keep them engaged.


Automatically add collected email addresses to these email marketing platforms with Brilliant Mobile.