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How much is it Worth to gather a Digital Database of your customers or followers?

If Your Brilliant Mobile Subscription Cost Is:

Hint: Start with our basic package of $47, which gives you 500 outgoing SMS Messages

How Many Customers Do You Want To Attract:

Hint: Think about how many people do you want to buy from you each month?

How Many Message Campaigns Do You Want to Send Per Month:

Hint: How many times do you want to connect with your buyers, when they are ready to buy , each month?

Since The Average Instant Read Rate Of A Text Message is 94%, What's Your Estimated Response Rate (60% Is The Average):

Hint: When you announce an offer, how many people take you up on it?

What Is Your Average Customer's Sales Ticket

Hint: What is the average prize of your most popular product or service?

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Customers On Your Mobile Database:

Cost per Customer: .03

Engaged Clients:
Total Revenue Increase: $
Monthly Estimated ROI: $