Brilliant Mobile

Grow your List for City Government

✓ Easily capture mobile number and email addresses of residents or businesses

✓ Promote events so residents  can take advantage of every opportunity!

✓ Provide links that help residents feel connected with their community

✓ Remind residents or businesses when an event or meeting is starting

✓ Send out Agendas and Zoom invites, or Maps to City Council Meetings

✓ Use our Text Buzzer feature to allow people to check in for City Appointments

If you are a resident or own a business in town, you need to  know what’s going on in your community.

Let your community know when there is an important city event, like a city council meeting or parade to attend, or when and where the children’s activities are happening at the city park, or how to sign up for community classes.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant to check-in at City Hall for an appointment, and be notified by text when its your turn to come in the building, or into the council meeting? 

What about in an emergency? Wouldn’t it be wise to have everyone’s cell number so they can get detail information on what do in a crisis. It could save lives!

E veryone wants to feel connected with their community, but the challenge is that most cities use email or social media only, and if your inbox is jammed with too much junk, and your not ON social media all the time, you aren’t getting most of the messages and invites.

The brilliant way to share what’s important to your residents and/or businesses, is the communication tool that has a 94% instant open rate…yep, you guessed it, it’s Text Messaging!

Collect mobile numbers and email addresses and other information from your audience instantly during your events or on social media using Brilliant Mobile Messaging. Sync captured information to your email marketing platform to grow your email list fast. Deliver your slide deck or calendar link automatically after the presentation via text or email.

Use Brilliant Mobile to promote your Community and Business Events

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