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✓ Easily capture mobile number and email addresses of audience members

✓ Capture contact details of your audience

✓ Send notes or slides, so attendees focus on your talk

✓ Automatically send calendar or sales page links

✓ Set-up a funnel that takes your audience to the sale

✓ Promote and Invite your audience your next talk

✓ Cross promote other products using the power of text messages.

You've already done the hard part... you should be reaping the rewards

Let’s face it. Not everyone is comfortable speaking in front of an audience. If you’re like most individuals, public speaking didn’t come naturally to you and you’ve had to work on the skill over many years.
Not only that, presenting a subject in a way that is engaging and easy to understand is hard. It takes a ton of experience, energy and effort.

Here’s the thing… You may be wasting a huge opportunity that is literally right in front of you.

If you’re like most speakers, you have a “get in touch” slide at the end of your presentation. Maybe the slide has an email address, a twitter handle, or some other way the audience can follow up with you after the presentation.

Maybe the goal of your presentation is to have the audience start an email course or sign up for a free trial or download a free informational product. So you provide a URL which takes them to an online form that they then need to fill out.

But do these things actually work? You’ve already done the hardest parts of public speaking so how to you make sure that you are maximizing the opportunities that public speaking provides?

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes...

Take a second to imagine yourself as someone in the audience at one of your talks…
The speaker was engaging and absolutely fantastic (nice job!). She has just finished her presentation and has filled your head with a ton of actionable ideas. You’re hooked, and you want more.

Their contact slide has their website so you pull out your phone and type in the address. You want to see if she has a blog filled with more ideas. Even better, an email signup so you can have a piece of her mind delivered each week straight to your inbox.

Ugh. The WiFi here isn’t that great. This is taking forever. Oh, shoot! It’s time to go to the next session. You promise yourself to look into this later. Maybe once you get back to the hotel after tonight’s social mixer. Maybe in the airport on the way home. Maybe in three weeks if you happen to remember.

Maybe never…

What a wasted opportunity for you and your audience. You miss out on the chance to connect with an audience member (and potential customer) hungry for more information from you. The audience misses out on connecting with an industry leader and learning from your expertise. All because there wasn’t a simple way for you two to connect after the conference.

You can introduce some magic and add a WOW factor to your presentation

So, what’s the solution? A new app? Ask Siri for help? Attempt a Vulcan mind meld?

Turns out, there is a technology that already exists on everyone’s phone. Plus, it’s so simple that anyone can use it: text messages. That’s right. Good, old fashioned SMS goodness to the rescue.

An alternative ending

Imagine this scenario instead. As you are wrapping up your presentation, you mention to the audience that they can join your email list. You’ll also email you a copy of the slides from today’s presentation. All they need to do is text the word TALK to a special number.

Right then, almost everyone in the audience pulls out their phone and sends the simple text message. They get a message asking for their email address, they reply. They receive another message thanking them for attending and that the slides are on their way. That’s it. Super simple!

In under 5 seconds, you’ve captured their email address and added a TON of new leads to your email list. A copy of your slide deck is already in their inbox too.

The best part about it is feels like magic to them. They are interacting with “you” while you are still on stage. That is some pretty cool street magic right there.

The truth is that capturing email addresses isn’t the end goal

But an email address doesn’t do you any good unless you can do something with it, right? What if you could take that newly captured email address and automatically trigger an action that drives sales for your products or services?

What if you could deliver your slide deck or enroll them in an email course or start them down your new lead sales funnel within minutes of your presentation?

That’s all possible with Brilliant Mobile and it’s how you will start to move the needle. Brilliant Mobile integrates with popular email marketing platforms. Grow your email list and automatically enroll them into sales funnels that you’ve already built.

Collect mobile numbers and email addresses and other information from your audience instantly during your presentations or on social media using Brilliant Mobile Messaging. Sync captured information to your email marketing platform to grow your email list fast. Deliver your slide deck or calendar link automatically after the presentation via text or email.

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