Brilliant Mobile

Grow your List for Coaches & Consultants

✓ Easily capture mobile number and email addresses of clients

✓ Nurture first time clients with text funnels

✓ Bring in more repeat business

✓ Invite prospects to learning opportunities

✓ Hold clients accountable with reminders and tasks

✓ Automatically collect guest contact information

✓ Cross promote other products using the power of text messages.

You've already done the hard part... you should be reaping the rewards

Your clients hired you because they need access to you and your expertise. 

Maybe you’ve sold a program that holds your clients accountable, wouldn’t it be brilliant to have the system automatically send reminders with a form to fill out to confirm they have completed your assignments in a timely manner?

We can help you format automated messages for a one week or one year program, with regular sequence of texts that deliver your program promises, which would set your clients up for success, and the probability that they will hire you for your next program.


Collect mobile numbers and email addresses and other information from your audience instantly during your presentations or on social media using Brilliant Mobile Messaging.

Sync captured information to your email marketing platform to grow your email list fast. Deliver your assignments and accountability calendar automatically after the presentation via text or email.

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