Brilliant Mobile

Grow your List for Dental & Medical Practices

✓ Easily capture mobile number and email addresses of patients

✓ Send appointment reminders for people to respond/confirm

✓ Bring in more repeat business with service packages

✓ Send helpful after-care program for patients so they get better faster

✓ Minimize missed appointments

✓ Cross promote other products/services using the power of text messages.

If you want to increase your show-up rate for appointments, sed your patients a friendly text reminder.

Brilliant Mobile Messaging has automated functions that gives your patients the ability to confirm appointments as well as communicate to you if they need to miss and/or reschedule.

You can also automate a series of pre-op or post-op instructions for each procedure you offer, that will free up the time of your office staff, as well as guarantee that everyone gets the most timely and accurate messages that are specific to their condition.

And with two-way texting, patients can ask embarrassing questions via a simple text message that a nurse can answer privately.

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