Brilliant Mobile

Grow your List for Restaurants

✓ Easily capture mobile number and email addresses of customers

✓ Attract first time diners

✓ Bring in more repeat business

✓ Make all hours peak hours

✓ Minimize missed reservations

✓ Send Birthday Wishes to drive sales back to your restaurant

✓ Send handy text when an order or table is ready!

Build your online menu with free tools

Direct guests to your online menu with a link in your text or QR Code


Offer instantly redeemable deals to diners


Build relationships by sending Birthday messages on the day, week or month


Instantly alert diners of restaurant specials, new dishes, and discounts!

MMS(Picture) Blast

Send tantalizing pictures with MMS


Easily remind guests to show up and keep your tables filled!


Identify customer favorites thru Interactive Engagement & Rewards


Open up communication to improve service and experience


Let customers know when their table is ready, or their order is ready for pick up!

Send customers a text to let them know when their table is ready or their order is ready for pick up!

Case Study: Miguel’s Jr. Restaurants

Miguel’s Jr. Restaurants has been using Brilliant Mobile since 2014.

Over that time, they have captured over 76,000 customer’s simply by asking guests to opt-in to receive specials and discounts, with table top signs, social media posts and employee instruction.

From the beginning, we helped them capture customer’s information by store, which helped them grow from 10 stores to over 20 stores, as it helped them spread the word between loyal customers about new locations.

During the Lockdown they flourished because they had a direct connection to their customers and could tell them that they were open, clean and delivered!

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