Brilliant Mobile

Grow your List for Trade Shows

✓ Easily capture mobile number and email addresses of attendees

✓ Promote events so attendees can take advantage of every opportunity!

✓ Use the Scavenger Hunt features to get movement at the show

✓ Remind attendees when an event or breakout is starting

✓ Send out Agendas, Schedules and Floor plans of your events

✓ Cross promote other products using the power of text messages.

You need to bring back leads, but not the headaches

Are you still collecting leads in a FISH BOWL? Are you dreading the data entry the day after you come home exhausted, not only because its tedious, but your assistant might type in the wrong information, so it’s all for not?

Put that worry behind you! You can Magically capture all the data you want by offering attendees a chance to TEXT 2 WIN when they either text in a keyword to a number or scan a QR code on your signage or collateral materials. 

When they do, you will instantly collect the phone number, name and email addresses from the visitors to your booth without any data entry. Automatically it will sync captured information to grow your email list automatically. Add new prospects to your email or text sales funnel with a simple text message.

And better yet, you can promote that they need to participate before a certain time, as the system can be set up to send out a prize to 1-5 winners, to get them to come back to the booth and send all the non-winners a consolation prize and a thank you for visiting your booth at a designated time! 

The magic doesn’t end there. A text funnel can send them a variety of follow-up messages, from your calendar link the next day, a follow-up message with a link to your presentation deck, a Questionnaire on what they thought about the event, or a “Show Special”  mobile coupon to be redeemed onsite or online.

Brilliant Mobile makes data collection at trade shows easy

So now when people stop by your booth, all they need to do is send a simple text message and follow the prompts. Their information is captured by Brilliant Mobile and can be synced automatically to your email list. How easy is that?

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